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Public Relation & Advertising

Title: Overseas Media Specialist
Working hours: 40/week
Location: Beijing
Start time: ASAP
Duration:3- 6-12months
Company: It is an international professional exhibition organization, specializing in planning and sponsoring various high-end international exhibitions, fairs and academic symposiums as well as other large-scale activities such as competition and election.
Your resposibilities:
1.To tap overseas media resources and look for more opportunities for cooperation with overseas media,
2.To be responsible for cooperative project with relevant overseas media, contact target websites and track and complete all process from initial contact, communication and follow-up, cooperation planning and cooperative online service,
3.To continuously follow up cooperation with relevant media, deeply tap relevant resources and complete lifting of the department’s products in terms of user, brand and propaganda,
4.To assist Market Dept. in following up and cooperating with major media,
5.To maintain relations with key media and regularly pay attention to relevant trend and possibility for further cooperation.
1.Familiar with game and Internet sector, and preferably with Chinese and foreign industrial and relevant enterprise background and major in communication, journalism, marketing, game, internet…,
2.Excellent foreign language (Fluent in English) communication skill and negotiation ability, outstanding internal and external coordination ability, relevant work experience,
3.With good communication and interpersonal abilities,
4.With strong study ability, adaption ability and market acuity,
5.Having certain understanding of overseas media and strong development ability,
6.Good teamwork, active in work, with sense of responsibility and good stress resistance.