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Title: Production Assistant
Location: Shanghai
Duration: At least 3 months/TBD
Starting dates: asap
Stipend: CNY2000/m

Company Profile:
Its producers are well known as the most experienced professionals in China. It integrates full pack of production resources (e.g., casting, catering, styling, set build, props/wardrobe) into one stop service to keep our photographers and clients sufficiently satisfied. It has produced over a hundred commercials each year. Its clients include most of 4A advertising agencies in China and many world well-known brands.
All employees are bilingual professionals with international standards, and they are the nice and fun guys and gals you’d love to work and hang out with, not to mention they are even good looking. It has cooperated with a number of worldwide photographers including Andreas Burz, Lorenzo Agius, Daniel Hartz, Mitch Jenkins, Uwe Duettmann, Emir Haveric, Marc Trautmann, Patrick Curtet, Mike Yamashita, Zena Holloway and many others.
Job Description: 
1. Assist producers in completing the preliminary advertisement preparation and production, including scenes, actors/actresses, transportation, props, art, equipment leasing, etc...
2. Assist Account Managers /producers to deliver quality advertisements on time according to budget
3. Assist producers to make production quotation, working schedule and advertisement execution
4. Assist in early shooting, communicating between customers and customer department about shooting requests, conveying these requests to image retouchers on time to ensure retouchers are able to implement their post-production work.
5. Assist producers in completing the budget application, expense reimbursement documents after the project completion (such as props storage documents, vehicle use documents, the three party invoices and expense documents) and submitting them for financial reimbursement, ,
6. Collect and review the original documents to ensure their legal compliance, retain the customer's confirmation email, and ensure financial reconciliation is accurate and clear.
1. Passionate about work
2. Hardworking with can-do attitude
3. Majoring in filming, production, marketing...